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Digital Libraries and Alternative Media Solutions

Sensus develops innovative technologies that support inclusion of people with special needs in mainstream education, on the labour market and in society as a whole. We call these inclusion technologies. For more than 25 years, Sensus has fostered a wide range of solutions including the award-winning RoboBraille service that converts documents into Braille, MP3 files, structured audio books, e-books and other accessible formats. Please visit the subsections for more information about each solution.

SensusAccess is a self-service alternative media solution for students and facilty at academic institutions; the companion SensusLibrary is a powerfull digital library for managing or sharing alternate media in a controlled environment.

Sensus Braille, a multi-lingual Braille transcription and formatting library used in a variety of products and services to produce high-quality Braille. Sensus AutoBraille is a single-source Braille publication solution used by special libraries for repurposing Daisy documents into contracted, hyphenated, multi-volume Braille books. Sensus ForkBra2 is a multi-lingual Braille transcription and formatting system for individual use.

VI Reader is an ebook reader for tablet computers that supports the individual needs of people with low vision, dyslexia or poor reading skills.

For information about Sensus services to the pharmaceutical sector, please visit "Braille for Pharma" in the main menu.