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SensusLibrary is a digital library for alternate media such as digital Braille, audio books in MP3 and DAISY format, e-books, movies and more. In principle, anything that can be stored in a file can be managed by SensusLibrary. In addition to handling digital assets, SensusLibrary can manage tangible assets such as tactile maps and illustrations.

The standard implementation of SensusLibrary includes four different types of users: Primary users, secondary users, administrative users and guest users. Primary users need to qualify for access in accordance with the copyright legislation of the country or region in which the library is implemented.

Secondary users are defined as relatives or teachers working with the primary users and each secondary user must be linked to a primary user in order to be granted access. Administrative users include alternate media professionals and system administrators. Guest users can only browse the library.

As a companion to the SensusAccess self-service alternate media conversion solution, SensusLibrary allows educational institutions, rehabilitation centres, disability organisations and resource centres to create digital libraries for people with special needs.

SensusLibrary search and retrieve

SensusLibrary consumers may search the digital library using both simple and advanced search functions. Once a particular title has been located, users can review available alternatives and order an digital copy.

SensusLibrary supports two direct delivery methods and one indirect: Smaller files can be delivered directly through email whereas larger files need to be retrieved via download. Alternatively, the user can select to have documents delivered through SensusAccess, thus expanding the available formats beyond what is actually stored in the library.

If a piece of material is not available in alternate format, users can place a request and be notified when it becomes available. SensusLibrary can also manage tactile illustrations and other tangible assets, informing the system administrator in case users request copies of these to be sent by ordinary mail.

Alternative media producers and administrators may create new titles and upload available alternatives of these titles to SensusLibrary. Rather than having to type substantial amounts of meta data, available meta data may be retrieved through Z39.50 library databases by merely supplying the ISBN number of the title. By default, SensusLibrary is integrated with the US Library of Congress meta dabase.

To prevent abuse and copyright infringement, all activities are logged and material is made available to users with strict stipulations on acceptable use.

Implementing SensusLibrary

SensusLibrary can be used in a variety of contexts and for multiple purposes. As an example, SensusLibrary may be implemented as a digital library for an educational institution, rehabilitation centre or disability organisation. SensusLibrary may also be used as a platform for collaboration amongst multiple institutions, such as universities and community colleges in a region, or special schools in a country. Furthermore, SensusLibrary can be used as the foundation for internal repositories of alternate media at academic institutions or the solution may be used to extend the capabilities of existing libraries, learning management systems or document repository.

Integration to SensusAccess

SensusLibrary is tightly integrated with the SensusAccess alternate media conversion solution.

Consequently, documents from the library can be converted on-the-fly by SensusAccess to meet the alternate media requirements of users with special needs.

The SensusLibrary/SensusAccess integration is also available as a component for implementation in learning management systems, digital libraries and document repositories.

License terms

SensusLibrary is available as a standard solution as well as customised solutions. A standard implementation of SensusLibrary is subject to a fixed one-time implementation and license fee plus an annual support and maintenance fee.

A customised implementation of SensusLibrary is subject to a one-time license fee and an annual support and maintenance fee. Based on a requirement specification, a fixed implementation fee can be quoted.

Standard implementations as well as customised versions of SensusLibrary can be hosted by Sensus or implemented locally on hardware and software provided by the client. Hosting is subject to an annual hosting fee.

In order to have access to the SensusAccess conversion capabilities from within SensusLibrary, the client must subscribe to the SensusAccess service.

Access to a library meta database may be subject to additional cost.

Contact Sensus on to arrange an online demonstration or schedule a visit to your institution.

More information about SensusLibrary

To request a demo account on SensusLibrary and explore the features, please visit (opens in a new window).