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Accessibility from start to finish

Accessibility on the Internet is a matter of providing access to your information for the greatest number of people in any situation, irrespective of the browser technology.

Accessibility not only applies to a variety of users with a disability, but also ensures access for people who cannot use a mouse, elderly people, people with reading disabilities and the growing number of users who browse the web using mobile phones, palm computers and speech-controlled browsers.

Although is it not difficult correct the problems, the vast majority of web sites remain inaccessible to some degree. Correcting the problems will improve the general quality and usability of the web site for the benefit of all users.

When should you consider accessibility?

Sensus recommends that you consider accessibility as early as possible in the lifecycle of a web site. However, it is never too late to improve the accessibility of a web site. While creating a new version of an existing web site it is a good time to rectify any accessibility problems your site may have.

We can help

Sensus has developed a range of consultancy services aimed at ensuring the accessibility throughout all phases of the lifecycle of a web site, from the initial development of ideas and concepts to the implementation and subsequent maintenance and administration of the web site. Our services are described in more details on these pages.