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Accessibility Audit - Expert evaluation

All Sensus web accessibility services are based on the international guidelines for accessible web design developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0).

The Accessibility Audit/Expert Evaluation is conducted by professionals specialising in accessibility and accessible web design. The web site is exposed to a methodical and comprehensive accessibility audit, identifying areas of the web site which pose potential accessibility problems. The result of the audit is a written report including recommended changes to the web site.  

The accessibility audit is completed as part of the expert evaluation. The accessibility audit is designed to identify a wide range of accessibility problems for people with special needs, including people who cannot use a mouse or other pointing device and/or people who use enabling technologies. Amongst others, the accessibility audit answers the following questions:

  • Does the web site comply with the international guidelines for accessible web design?
  • If not, how does the web site need to be modified in order to comply?
  • Is the user able to read, understand and explore the contents of the web site?
  • Is the web site accessible through a variety of browsers, browser versions and hardware technologies?
  • Can the web site be used without a mouse or other pointing device?
  • Does the web site support multiple screen resolutions?
  • Is the web site accessible through enabling technologies?
  • Can the user control how information is presented?
  • Does the web site offer a consistent design and navigation structure? 

The Accessibility Audit/Expert Evaluation should be conducted whenever the web site is ready for testing. 

The cost of an Accessibility Audit/Expert Evaluation depends on the complexity of a web site.

Please write to for a fixed price quote for an expert evaluation. Typically, an expert evaluation can be completed within one week.