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    OctoBraille Braille Fonts

    OctoBrailleMM and OctoBrailleVisualMM are two TrueType Braille fonts used to produce Visual Braille and are ideally suited for producing Braille artwork on pharmaceutical packages and labels. Both fonts comply with the Marburg Medium specification recommended by the European Commission as part of the EU Directive 2001/83/EC and subsequent amendments.

    The OctoBraille fonts can be used directly in a design or word processing application, or they may be used in conjunction with the Sensus RoboBraille/PharmaBraille Braille translation agent.




    The OctoBraille fonts are based on the ISO8859-1 character set, also referred to as Latin 1 or Windows Codepage 1252. They contain all 256 Braille characters in an 8-dot Braille figure, in-cluding the standard 64 Braille characters in the 6-dot Braille system. Originally developed for the Microsoft Windows platform, the OctoBraille fonts have been tested on the Apple Macintosh OS X platform. Furthermore, the fonts have been converted and tested on the Apple Macintosh OS9 platform.

    Price and Restrictions

    OctoBraille is available for a one-off license fee of €460 (excl VAT) per font per legal entity.
    Once licensed by a legal entity (company, public institution, NGO, individual or similar), the fonts may be used without user restrictions by any number of staff within that legal entity. The rights of use do not extend beyond a single legal entity. Hence, the rights of use do not include subsidiaries, sister companies, partners, sub-contractors or similar.

    The rights of use include the right to embed OctoBraille in any graphical rendition such as a pdf file.


    To license one or both OctoBraille fonts, please call Sensus at +45 48 22 10 03 or send an email to stating the name of the font, along with your name, address and – if appropriate – VAT number.